eFORT is an EU-funded project that will make European power grids more resilient and reliable against failures, cyberattacks, physical disturbances and data privacy issues. eFORT will increase power system stability by developing technologies for identifying, preventing, and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities.

The need for eFORT is prompted by power and electricity systems undergoing unprecedented changes caused by social and environmental concerns. The holistic approach of the project covers the whole grid value chain and is demonstrated in four pilot sites.

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Empowering Energy Security: Cuerva’s Innovations in the eFORT Project

The eFORT project, initiated in September 2022 and funded by Horizon Europe, is making significant steps in enhancing the resilience, security, and sustainability of European power grids for the present and future generations. Besides aiming to tackle both cyber-attacks and physically occurring threats, eFORT also focuses on contributing to an interconnected energy landscape and implementing their solutions by embracing a greener energy mix.