Iltsi, Ukraine

Key partners

Lead: JSC

Main actions

Threats and countermeasures analysis
RTUs and IEDs
Real-time communications (LAN, PTP, TSN, etc.)
Design for digital buses
BIM methodology


The Ukrainian on-site demonstration will be deployed at the substation 110/35/10 kV “Iltsi”, located in southwest Ukraine. This substation is operated by JSC “Prykarpattyaoblenergo”, the DSO in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, which receives electricity from the United Energy System of Ukraine.

The most important aspects of the Ukrainian demo are substation systems security and design, and the application of advanced information technologies in system development and operation.

These will be achieved through an end-to-end consideration of the design, test and operation life cycle of upgraded digital substations for primary distribution.

The following resources will be incorporated:

  • Digital substation and substation laboratory.
  • SAS IED vendor testing laboratories.
  • Distribution substation (110/35/10 kV) as field demo scenario in Ukraine, from JSC.
  • Support from other DSO partners to test specific developments in alternative distribution substation (e.g., CUERVA).

The main approaches:

Testing the project resulting solutions to secure and make resilient substation automation systems.

Validating technologies at a laboratory environment.

The most suitable configuration for JSC substation will be selected and tested under relevant conditions together with the SecureBox for the integration of the substation in eFORT architecture system.

Main strategies to be tested will include substation access control and detection of abnormal working conditions or procedures with the corresponding alerts.


Additionally, development of the BIM substation model (3D scanning: JSC, BIM-process: CIRCE) will allow constant updating and the possibility of having access to the necessary information while testing.

Innovations and technology advancements:

  1. Threat analysis and assessment of previous incidents applicable to substation-DSO.
  2. Identification and study of base technologies in digital substations for general robustness of the automation system.
  3. Remote and automated testing of substation via simulation and detection of bay and process levels substation messages.
  4. Integration of the substation in the project information system for data sharing and secure algorithms validation.


Contact the demo lead

Andriy Grabchuk: Andrij.Grabchuk@oe.if.ua

Oleksii Havrylovskyi: Oleksii.Gavrylovsky@oe.if.ua

Volodymyr Shcherbiak: Volodymyr.shcherbiak@oe.if.ua