Sarentino Valley, Italy

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Main solutions

Real-time decision support system for grid restoration
Control scheme for islanding operation mode
Digital twin
Innovative services to exploit resources (ChatBot)


The Italian demo site is a distribution system located in Sarentino Valley in Northern Italy. The main DSO in the region is EDYNA, managing 8,608 km of the network (HV, MV and LV) and supplying electric power to 230,000 customers.

Because of the mountain morphology of the territory, a variety of hydroelectric plants are connected to the grid with 348 MW power installed on 616 MW of total MV and LV production. In addition, the EDYNA network supplies 50 sub-DSOs. The pilot demonstration is going to be performed in the MV and LV grid supplied by the HV/MV Sarentino substation.

The subject distribution system is characterized by an excess of power generation from hydroelectric power plants, particularly during the summer months. Most of the year, the power flows from the MV grid to the HV grid.

Subtended DSOs should also be able to manage their grid in island mode, through automatic primary/secondary frequency and voltage regulation of the local system.

The goal of the site is to demonstrate the developed grid islanding algorithms to avoid potential power outages and ensure the quality of the grid service.

Innovations and technological advances

Control scheme for islanding mode operation. Increasing the operational resilience during islanding operation mode using accurate field data collection and state estimator results.

Digital twins of the power system. Optimal data exchange using free libraries in software development in addition to communication standard chain for monitor and telecontrol scope.

Breakthrough in power system digitalisation. Performing a dispatching platform for DSO control centre in order to improve the observability of the grid, taking advantages from the comparison between traditional control schemes and artificial intelligent approaches.

Innovative services for resilient powers system through an optimal exploitation of available resource. Enabling of smart procedures for the remote control of the distributed energy resources based on single capabilities and grid constraints.

Integration of a grid ChatBot to facilitate consumer engagement. Design of user friendly human interface with the aim of assisting the DSO agents during tricky operation phases.


Contact the demo lead:

Giacomo Dellacroce: giacomo.dellacroce@selta.com