eFORT joins BRIDGE and attends the 2023 General Assembly in Brussels

We are pleased to announce that eFORT is now a member of BRIDGE. This week, we will participate in the hybrid General Assembly for the first time. eFORT will be represented online by the coordinator CIRCE, SUITE5, RINA-C, and Smart Innovation Norway, and in Brussels by Elvira Sánchez from the European Network for Cyber Security.

BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative which brings together Horizon projects in the fields of Smart Grids, Digitalisation, Energy Storage and Islands to create a structured view of cross-cutting challenges to innovation. Since the establishment of BRIDGE, it has had more than 90 member projects.

As part of BRIDGE, the project representatives meet regularly to discuss and develop analyses and reports aimed at resolving common problems. The outputs also support the elaboration of EU directives.

Being part of BRIDGE is an exciting opportunity for eFORT to gain and exchange knowledge with other projects. eFORT will be represented in all four working groups: Business Models, Consumer and Citizen Engagement, Regulation and Data Management.

More information about the BRIDGE initiative: https://www.h2020-bridge.eu/

bridge brochure